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MetroHealth has embarked on a large and long journey of transformation, not only to update facilities but also to revolutionize care delivery and engineer new ways of working. We aim to make care more convenient and accessible, and to help the healthy stay healthy. Change is happening across The MetroHealth System. While the most obvious may be emerging physical changes for the main campus, other change is perhaps less visible.

We are taking health care to the people – meeting you where you are. New community-based health centers mean that residents can find medical services closer to home. Innovative thinking puts MetroHealth clinicians on site at area schools as part of the School Health Program, bringing primary care to children who may lack access. And our Medical Home for Children in Foster Care provides youth with a central place to receive care.

To transform means to change in form, appearance, nature or character. For MetroHealth, it is perhaps all of the above. We are breaking new ground every day. And we are on a trajectory that will forever change Cleveland. Join us as we lead the way to a healthier community … a healthier you.

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MetroHealth’s Second Annual Stakeholders Meeting on May 8, 2015, welcomed nearly 600 guests and shared not only important business updates but also stories of lives impacted by care and services at MetroHealth. And, an exciting announcement was made about the first visible step in the hospital’s campus transformation.

We’re starting smart. We’re building on our strengths.

Perhaps one of the most exciting moments at MetroHealth’s Annual Meeting was the announcement of the expansion of its existing Critical Care Pavilion. After first hearing about MetroHealth’s vision to transform at last year’s inaugural meeting, returning guests seemed pleased to now hear about this first visible step in the physical transformation of the hospital’s main campus.


“Everyone deserves facilities that support high-level care,” said Akram Boutros, MD, President and CEO of MetroHealth, during his speech. “As we promised, we’re going to build those facilities. And, we’re starting smart. We’re building on our strengths.”

Two floors will be built on top of the existing structure, which opened at the main campus in 2004. The expansion will add 85 private, state-of-the-art intensive care rooms to a building that now houses the operating rooms, emergency department and trauma bays. This will bring the intensive care units together in one building, so medical expertise can be shared quickly among the ICUs, resulting in even better care. The goal is to complete this $82 million expansion by the summer of 2016.



“Our Board of Trustees elected to pick up the entire cost because they know that we can’t wait,” said Dr. Boutros. “They know that being prepared for adversity matters to all of us.”

MetroHealth will fund the project on its own, but will aim to raise $10 million in donations to offset the cost. We invite you to learn more and hope that you will support the Critical Care Pavilion expansion.

At the conclusion of the formal presentation, guests were invited to take a high-tech tour of the expanded Critical Care Pavilion. They enjoyed stepping inside a full-scale model Intensive Care Unit, complete with a mock view of the Cleveland skyline. “Oh my gosh, it’s so bright and beautiful,” said one guest as she walked through the doorway.

Information cards offered explanations of all the features to be offered. Guests seemed most interested in the contemporary bathrooms, featuring no-threshold showers for easy access, as well as the comfortable seating area, offering sleeping accommodations for at least one family member or loved one. They also had a chance to watch an animated video with exterior and interior images of the proposed building.

While big things will be happening at MetroHealth’s main campus, a few communities will soon have better access to MetroHealth physicians and services. Meeting attendees also learned what services will be available at the Brunswick Health Center, opening this spring; the Westlake Health Center, opening this summer; and the Brecksville Health Center, opening in the fall of 2016.

As guests made their way to the exit, one gentleman could be overheard saying, “Last year’s meeting was good, but this one blew it out of the water.” To those who attend our Annual Meeting, and to those reading our latest news here, thank you for your interest in and support of MetroHealth.

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