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MetroHealth has embarked on a large and long journey of transformation, not only to update facilities but also to revolutionize care delivery and engineer new ways of working. We aim to make care more convenient and accessible, and to help the healthy stay healthy. Change is happening across The MetroHealth System. While the most obvious may be emerging physical changes for the main campus, other change is perhaps less visible.

We are taking health care to the people – meeting you where you are. New community-based health centers mean that residents can find medical services closer to home. Innovative thinking puts MetroHealth clinicians on site at area schools as part of the School Health Program, bringing primary care to children who may lack access. And our Medical Home for Children in Foster Care provides youth with a central place to receive care.

To transform means to change in form, appearance, nature or character. For MetroHealth, it is perhaps all of the above. We are breaking new ground every day. And we are on a trajectory that will forever change Cleveland. Join us as we lead the way to a healthier community … a healthier you.

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In 1973, there was no Google or Yahoo, nor DVDs. The first handheld cell-phone call was made in New York City. Gas was $0.36 a gallon. Roger Moore became the new James Bond. Helen Reddy won the Grammy for best pop vocal performance for “I am Woman.” And Barbara Ruda came to work at MetroHealth. It was a great year!

Although she first wanted to be a social worker, Barb became a nurse. She knows it was the right fit for her and is so grateful that she’s able to help people heal and help them through their treatment journey. Barb works in MetroHealth’s Cancer Center, where she is truly a hero behind the scenes. It is widely known that she is not only patient-focused, but she is the staff’s biggest cheerleader.

Timothy O’Brien, MD, Physician Director, Medical Oncology, refers to Barb as “the soul of the Cancer Center.” “I have never met anyone who has given more to their job than Barb,” said Dr. O’Brien. “She’ll do anything for our patients.”

MetroHealth is “home” to Barb. She speaks of the fine physicians who allow her to collaborate as a team member, doctors who are dedicated to the MetroHealth mission. She knows they could practice anywhere, but they choose to stay at MetroHealth. “There’s not a doctor I wouldn’t go to myself,” said Barb.

It is people like Barb who make MetroHealth such a special place for our patients. She recalls 12 years ago when a homeless patient came in with excruciating pain and a crumpled note that said “You have leukemia.” He was sent to MetroHealth, without insurance, seeking answers, care and caring. When he arrived, he met Barb. She coordinated his care at MetroHealth and continued to visit when he went to a nursing home. He is now in remission.

A 28-year cancer survivor who has experienced eight recurrences describes Barb as selfless. “I think the saying is ‘Happiest is the heart that beats for others’ – that’s Barb!” the patient reflects.

Some of the worst words someone can ever hear are, “You have cancer.” While the cancer journey is filled with fear and anxiety, treatments and life changes, it’s comforting to know that at MetroHealth, you have Barb Ruda.

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