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MetroHealth has embarked on a large and long journey of transformation, not only to update facilities but also to revolutionize care delivery and engineer new ways of working. We aim to make care more convenient and accessible, and to help the healthy stay healthy. Change is happening across The MetroHealth System. While the most obvious may be emerging physical changes for the main campus, other change is perhaps less visible.

We are taking health care to the people – meeting you where you are. New community-based health centers mean that residents can find medical services closer to home. Innovative thinking puts MetroHealth clinicians on site at area schools as part of the School Health Program, bringing primary care to children who may lack access. And our Medical Home for Children in Foster Care provides youth with a central place to receive care.

To transform means to change in form, appearance, nature or character. For MetroHealth, it is perhaps all of the above. We are breaking new ground every day. And we are on a trajectory that will forever change Cleveland. Join us as we lead the way to a healthier community … a healthier you.

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Transforming Lives: Larry Nowak’s Story

On Memorial Day in 2014, Larry was cleaning gutters on the remarkable 1916 Cleveland Heights home that he and his wife recently bought and restored. He fell three stories and broke 51 bones. On that day, it wasn’t a question of if he would walk again, it was a matter of life and death.

“My feet were shattered,” reflects Larry Nowak when talking about the day and the accident that changed his life forever. He is so incredibly thankful that he survived to tell the story. A Vietnam Vet, a businessman and CEO, a husband, father and grandfather, he was blessed to add MetroHealth patient to his long list of impressive credentials.

It was not until Larry needed MetroHealth that he and his family realized what a special place it is. His wife, Donna, ponders the exceptional collection of talent and compassion among the staff. “I put (MetroHealth) up against anybody. They’re the cream of the crop,” she affirms.

Today, Larry is enormously grateful to the remarkable experts and compassionate professionals at MetroHealth who “put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” He is humbled when talking about his renewed ability to walk down the stairs and across the living room … to curl up with his wife in bed at night … just to live. In a truly tender moment, Larry shared that “MetroHealth holds a big spot in my heart.”

And he, in turn, is part of MetroHealth’s heart. It’s why we do what we do.

Hear the story from Larry himself. Visit Larry Nowak’s Story on YouTube.

What significant event has transformed your life? Has MetroHealth impacted your life or the life of someone you know?

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